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Friday, April 5, 2019

Early Morning

Although the wood blinds are down
And block out most of the oncoming sunlight,
The shuffling of little paws,
The melodious chirping outside the window,
And the glow of daytime at the edges of the curtains
Drag me awake.

I step outside my back door
And inhale crisp early morning air,
And stretch my stiff muscles outwards,
And gaze towards the horizon
As the sun makes it's presence known.

I sigh. It's another brand new day.

I blink, and remember all of yesterday's sorrows,
And lament all of my failures,
And ache for everyone I've lost.

I blink again, and I recognize my successes,
And recall the smiles of the people I love,
And of all the love I’ve received;
Things that are so easy to forget.

I walk inside, away from my thoughts,
And plan out today's events,
And take a sip of warm, fresh coffee,
And wallow in the silence of my peaceful home,
Before the kids wake up,
Before the bustle and hustle begins.

Yes! It's another brand new day.

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