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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Chasing Echoes

In the late hours of the night,
As I turn off the lights throughout my house
And the whole world sleeps peacefully,
I see your face in my mind,
And I hear you call my name.
When I turn to look for you,
I find no one there.

In the wide open fields of our park,
Where the wind creates green waves
Across rolling hills,
I hear your laughter
And the slush of your footsteps in the grass.
When I spin around against the wind,
I find myself standing alone.

In my dream, we are young,
And Mom tells you to watch over me,
So you take me to the park with your friends
And teach me how to play ball,
Pushing me to be as tough as the boys.
When I wake up, after a sobering breath,
I find myself numb with disbelief.

Even though you're gone,
You're still around
In my thoughts,
In what I see and hear,
Or want to see and hear,
And definitely,
In my heart.

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