Some poetry. Some prose. All heart.

Monday, May 20, 2019

A Lone Journey

I walk alone
Down this desolate road
In the middle of a lightning storm.

You call out my name,
Playfully, with a chuckle,
Telling me to run, to have fun, to play.

But thunder roars, muffling your voice,
And a streak across the sky
Shines upon the long, empty road ahead.

The black pavement stretches for miles
Until it shrinks into nothingness,
Disappearing into the horizon.

When the thunder fades
I hear your infectious giggle,
And you ask me why I don't laugh anymore.

You tell me a joke that only we know.
I smile for a moment, and the clouds part,
Granting me respite with the moon's warm glow.

I see twinkling stars.
I hear silence.
I feel peace.


Sharp winds creep in, scraping my cheeks.
Thunder rolls once more.
Thick, black clouds swallow up the moon and stars.

Lightning bolts streak across the night sky,
Pellets of frozen rain pound the earth.
I crouch low to the ground to protect myself.

The storm hovers so close to my soul -
I close my eyes, cover my ears,
And wait for the end.


Then... I hear your voice
Assuring me that the storm will end
And the moon and stars will shine again.

You shout at me in your commanding tone,
To move forward and never stop,
To withstand the storm's fury.

And to laugh, damn it!
For you.
For myself.


I stand up and wipe my tears
And look up at the clear blue sky
And smile as if you can still see me.

I hear your infectious laughter once more -
And I chuckle with you
As I continue my journey, alone.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Differences & Similarities

Wherever you are born...
That is not your origin.
We are all from somewhere else.
From a long line of people long gone.

I have yet to meet someone
Who can trace their lineage
To only one country,
One race, or one religion.

But the more we advance in years,
The more we divide
And identify with our differences.
Instead, why not focus on our similarities?

Such as... how we are all from elsewhere,
Of other people of other eras,
Of other parts of the world,
Of other religions.

Mixes between lifestyles, 
Across country borders,
Language barriers,
And conflicting beliefs.

Until we accept our similarities
For what they are,
We will always be at war.

And we will miss out on 
Our potential love,
Our pure friendships,
And peace.