Some poetry. Some prose. All heart.

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Our Loved Ones Never Die

Our loved ones never die.

Their spirit transforms into
Birds chirping in the early morning,
A gentle breeze caressing your cheeks,
The serene warmth of the midday sun.

Our loved ones are all around us.

They're in an old song on the radio,
The scent of their favorite flower in bloom,
A silly joke you've told a thousand times,
A birthday gift you've treasured over the years.

Our loved ones watch over us.

So cry if you must, but remember to smile,
And look at old photos and tell their stories,
And laugh out loud at funny memories,
Because they love to see us happy.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

A Young Dreamer

A gentle wind flows in through the trees
Carrying the scent of apples and pears.
I awaken under the sound of rustling leaves,
With flower petals in my hair.

I dreamed of flying with mighty dragons
And swimming at the bottom of the sea.
I write my dreams down as fast as I can
Before they scatter away from me.

My journal is filled with endless scribbles
Of ideas that stretch out towards the moon.
Stories, poems, an ode to my (soon to be) true love, 
And sometimes I draw silly cartoons.

The sun is setting, so I'll be back tomorrow
To dream and doodle away.
My time is my own, but not for long,
For all of us have to grow up someday. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2020


Of all the errors I have made
The ones that are worst to me
Are those that raise doubt,
Giving room to flout,
Of my humanity.

These chimeras tend to linger
In the calm meadows of my mind,
And keep me awake
Until daybreak
When my confidence has resigned.

Friday, November 13, 2020

The Prize

My daughter cartwheels under the sunset sky,
Each flip squeezes my newborn heart.
I wonder, as she learns to fly,
Will I adequately supply
The foundation to give her a running start?

My daughter's smile is like a wild rose,
Captivating anyone with honest eyes.
I wonder, as she endlessly grows,
The mother that she currently knows,
Will she become, as much, her prize?


Found this piece perusing old emails from my last corporate job.
Written back in 2005.

Friday, April 10, 2020

Natural Choices

Sometimes, unexpected winds of change
Uproot everything in your path
And force you down to your hands and knees.

You can stay low and still,
Surrender to your altered surroundings,
And hate the universe for cursing you.


You can rise up from the ground,
Dust yourself off, adjust your goals,
And persevere in your new world.

The choice is yours.