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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Along The Journey

It's not at the finish line where you find yourself. It’s not at the end of the race. It’s not when you reach your final goal.

It’s along the journey filled with jagged rocks, upwards climbs into thundering clouds, and dangerous dives towards a black abyss. 

It’s when you fall and pick yourself up, again and again, crying and hurting, yet still moving forward.

It’s in ignoring the naysayers and haters, dodging the evil eyes, and fighting off the worst of those villains — your own self-doubt. 

It's in the fears you conquer, and those you learn to live with to survive.

It’s in the easy plateaus, so quiet and peaceful that you see and feel things that were blocked-out by drive and ambition.

It’s in appreciating all of your small victories, the smiles you meet, the people who laugh with you and continue to jump and fall with you. 

It’s in every day you wake up, breathe deep, take a moment and continue on.

Along the journey is where you find yourself.

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