Some poetry. Some prose. All heart.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

A Young Dreamer

A gentle wind flows in through the trees
Carrying the scent of apples and pears.
I awaken under the sound of rustling leaves,
With flower petals in my hair.

I dreamed of flying with mighty dragons
And swimming at the bottom of the sea.
I write my dreams down as fast as I can
Before they scatter away from me.

My journal is filled with endless scribbles
Of ideas that stretch out towards the moon.
Stories, poems, an ode to my (soon to be) true love, 
And sometimes I draw silly cartoons.

The sun is setting, so I'll be back tomorrow
To dream and doodle away.
My time is my own, but not for long,
For all of us have to grow up someday. 

1 comment:

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