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Wednesday, October 9, 2019


Blood is thick,
But love is thicker,
And often that love comes from a friend.

Family is given,
But friends are chosen,
And the best ones never have to act or pretend.

Maybe you have that love
From your family,
And if so, you have luck many of us can't comprehend.

But I don't lose hope,
Because at my side
Is the love and compassion of my friend.

Our meetings are rare,
But when we get together
We talk about everything and laugh to no end.

We're so close
That we're mistaken for sisters!
It's a compliment we all commend.

We might not share blood,
But we have true friendship,
And it's made me come to understand

That sometimes blood ties
Just can't compare
To the sisterhood I have with my dear friend.


* Dedicated to my girls. You know who you are.

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